Welcome to Rainbow

A Complete Cross-Chain Financial Ecosystem Built on Cosmos

Introduction To Rainbow

Rainbow is a decentralized blockchain network built on Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK to offer interconnected blockchain communication. To simply put it, Rainbow is the blockchain that proffer the technology to unite ALL disparate networks.
Every new blockchain created now entails the fragmentation of liquidity in crypto. Unfortunately, no one has yet provided a full-fledged all-in-one solution for solving such problems. But The Rainbow Network will change everything as we are the connecting point for different blockchains. The Rainbow Network is a complete financial ecosystem based on decentralized blockchain technology, that includes several interconnected parts that address the core of the problem. The cross-chain nature of the Rainbow Network, stemming from the deep interoperability created by the Glitter layer, means that any protocol that builds on Rainbow will be able to instantly deploy a fully interoperable protocol on all supported blockchains and therefore, benefit from a flow of not just native ecosystem, but also cross-chain liquidity.
This document is constantly updated and the content therein are subject to change either as a whole or with minor modifications